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6/6/2012 ~ 6:08PM ~

Hey D-VI Followers. This log will allow me to share my thoughts, struggles and acheivements as I go through this process. Right now, I'm currently at Level D6 Bssic 7 on my third day in the program. It's only been three days and I've already lost 7lbs... I couldn't ask for better results than that.

I am beginning to feel all of my muscles become engaged. And definitely feel my legs getting stronger. This is especially important to me because I need my legs to become stronger so that I may beable to start running again. As I recalled, running and playing basketball played a huge part in my losing weight the first time around. But at this weight, I don't want to risk injury so I'm sticking to the eliptical for my cardio options for now.
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6/10/2012 ~ 1:39PM ~

Hi Again D-VI Followers. It's been a week now and I just recorded a 15lb weight loss 291lbs. I'm THRILLED RIGHT NOW! This is easily the most successful weight lost I've ever experienced in the third time doing this program.

My goal was to achieve a 10lb weight loss in two weeks and now I far exceeded those expectations. I attribute this to the consistent cardio, strength and dietary factors. I was able to stick to all three to this week without straying with the exception of last night when I didn't have the strength to do 30 minutes on the eliptical like I normally do. Imagine if I did.

As this is my rest/cheat day. I plan on taking it easy. I've already had a bowl of honey nut cheerios this morning. And I plan on having some Curry chicken for dinner later on. In the meantime stay tuned to the website for changes. I'm still in the development process and getting my images and videos uploaded.
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6/15/2012 ~12:05PM~

Alright, So I'm officially at Basic Level 15 and still moving. I'm so tempted to start incorportating weights into my regimen but I know it's still too soon. I have to wait until I'm at Basic Level 30 and kick off the advanced phase. Until then, I can feel my body getting stronger with each day. The constant exertion of my muscles and keeping all engaged throughout the week will surely aid in my recovery time when I do incorporate weight training.

A couple of observations:
1. I was shocked by the 4lb increase the day after my rest/cheat day. But I'm glad that I was able to remain focused and not fall into a state of depression.

2. Last week I was losing 2 pounds a day, this week I'm losing 1 pound a day. I can probably attribute that to muscle gains and the reduced body fat. In my experience in weight loss, the first 10lbs are always the easiest to lose. A lot of people lose motivation after the second week of a regimen because they didn't see the same results as the previous. I don't intend on being a lot of people.

3. Still working on getting the site up to 100%. I've laid out the foundation, and now it's time to build the house. I'm hoping that I will have everything ready by July 30th 2012. Fingers crossed!
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