I strongly believe that if you keep track of the meals that you eat on a regular/daily basis, it will allow you to get a greater understanding of your overall consumption. With this new found understanding one can easily begin to identify and determine meal options and derive structured eating habbits in an effort to improve ones nutrition. This is the primary purpose of keeping a meal log. In conjunction with a fit log a meal log not only keeps track of what you eat, but also aids in determining whether or not your food choices for that given week have been beneficial to your development plan or a detriment.

Within this section you will find my detailed meal log that I used to keep track of my food consumption throughout all of three phases of D-VI fitness program. Keeping true to the "6" theme of the regimen, you'll also find that I make an effort to consume 6 meals daily. If there are any questions as to the meals featured in the log, please refer to the meal options section where you will find recipes in addition to full length videos to help you prepare your meal.