JD.jpg NAME: Julian K. Drummond
AGE: 31
HEIGHT: 5'11.5
ORIGIN: Brooklyn, New York
ANCESTRY: Jamaica, England, Cuba
HOBBIES: Web Development, Writing, Working Out
ALMA MATER: Drexel University
  MOTTO: I'm not a Personal Trainer... I'm a PERSON...




JDBaby.jpgI was born November 16th 1980 in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, New York. My parents were Jamaican immigrants that migrated to America in the early nineteen seventies. I'm the middle child of five children.

As a youth, up until recently, I spent my entire life fighting a battle with my weight. I’ve had to live throughout the majority of my adult life with this heavy burden, using my weight as an excuse not to socialize, partake in a variety of events as much as my peers. Ultimately I did not live life to its maximum potential.

I suffered from low self-worth and esteem as a result for a good portion of my life. I am glad to say that it was never bad to the point where my weight prevented me from making lasting friendships and relationships. It was an internal struggle that I had with myself that rarely surfaced when in public gatherings with friends and family, but nevertheless it was present beneath my often described charming and humorous facade.






JDFat.jpgAs you can see from the image, I was very much overweight. I wasn't morbidly overweight, but still very heavy none the less. At the time I tried a variety of different diet plans and exercise routines. Unfortunately, many of them required equipment I didn't have and the need to purchase and eat foods that weren't appealing.

That being the case, in order for me get in shape I felt the need to have a gym membership. But there was a problem with that. Being a consultant, I often found myself traveling. In 2005 gym memberships weren't as flexible as they are now, so in order to reap the benefits I had to commit to a gym membership with a national gym to give me better chances of having a gym closest to my next assignments. Problem solved right?  WRONG!!!

While I had the gym memebership and received direct consultation from several personal trainers, there was one thing that I lacked. MOTIVATION. Yes, the trainer's took their time with me and came up with a training plan that seemed like it would be beneficial and turn results. Unfortunately, I found being in the gym too time consuming and often had to work around other members to use the different machines. I thought I was back in college again in the school gymnasium. Also, as I committed to the plan I was given for 3 months, I didn't see the results fast enough for the time spent.

It wasn't long before decided that I needed something DIFFERENT. Something that will allow me workout quick and comfortably wherever I went, without the need of a gym or special equipment. Something that would deliver quick returns on my investment of time and effort spent working out. I looked in the stores and purchased plenty of the different exercise regimens available on the market. I found some success with many of the mainstream products, but a lot of times I felt that they were designed for people that were in already good to great shape and not obesed such as myself. This contributed to the retirement of several DVD workout videos and countless fitness ab products to the basement.

I didn't want to give up, so by the time the year 2006 came around, I had to take matters into my own hands. And I did.



JDFit.jpgI was never a body builder, nor did I have the expertise of a professional certfied personal trainer. The only true professional knowledge I had regarding strength training was acquired during my undergraduate work study where I served as the assistant to the head varsity strength coach for my university for two terms.

I'm pleased to say that lack of knowledge didn't deter me one bit from reaching my goal. I was 303lbs when I started to do research on calisthenics exercises and explored different diet plans and health practices. I experimented a lot with food and when and how I worked out my major muscle groups. It wasn't long before I came up with a regimen that not only melted the fat, but allowed my muscles to develop far more than when I was in college. Trust me, I was in pretty good shape in college!

The end result... I dropped approximately 82 lbs in a little less than 4 months. Needless to say, my end results exceeded my expectations. With that I decided to document the different things I had done to lose the weight and get in shape in the short period of time. That's when I came up with the six D's of D-VI Fitness: Desire, Decision, Develop, Dedication, Discipline and Detach.

It's through D-VI that I was able to lose weight, not just once, but three other times in my life from the years 2006 to as recent as 2010.  Some people may think what good is a workout program if you're just going to put the weight back on anyway. I would agree under normal circumstances. The truth of the matter is however, that I put on the weight on purpose for several reasons.

The first was to validate that the initial weight loss I acheieved wasn't a fluke. In the year 2007 I blew up to 274lbs from 214lbs in a matter of only seven months. I was able to go back down to 218lbs in just a little over three months.

The second time was in the year 2009 when I wanted to refine the program to see if I could lose weight faster than the first two times. I went up to 286lbs and dropped down to 224 lbs in approximately 2 and a half months.

The final time around I put on weight, but not on purpose. Unfortunately, life happened and with the recession and the loss of my father I began to find comfort in food again. I blew up to a whopping 309lbs and the heaviest I've ever been in life. That's when I decided that it was important for me to come up with a maintenance plan that will aid in keeping the weight off and I did.



Now, one year later, I'm still over 300lbs and with the successful build of the d6fitness website, I plan on sharing my Fitness Quest with the world FINALLY and FOR GOOD!