Control is the key in defining “Discipline”.  Control of oneself, our emotions, cravings and yearnings are all very difficult to maintain to say the least. Disorder sets in when we lose control of our inhibitions by taking actions, or sometimes by not taking sound actions, that may provide temporary pleasure which often comes at a cost. This cost can come in the form of regret or, even worst, counteract what we work so hard to build.

There will always be hurdles for us to jump. There will be times when we feel like giving in to temptation and consume more than we require. There will also be times when we feel like giving up that good fight when we begin to give in and doubting ourselves, especially when others around us doubt our abilities as well.

When these doubts and temptation begin to creep in, how do we handle it you may ask? How do we continue to maintain that focus that will propel ourselves to our desires? The simple answer is, there is no simple answer. We all have different ways of handling our obstacles. However, I will make a suggestion. Every time you feel yourself slipping off track, simply say to yourself “D6” to remind you of why you’re pushing yourself and the six factors that will help you attain the goals you seek to accomplish. “D6” when you feel yourself not being able to push that last rep, to give you that extra boost. Say “D6”to curb that craving to add that extra spoon of potatoes or have that extra bowl of ice cream after an already hearty meal. When you’ve ran 2.5 miles on the treadmill and you’re trying to hit that third mile, and it feels like you’re completely spent, simply whisper to yourself “D6”.

The answer is inside of us all. Going forward to achieve our goals, we must keep this in mind. One moment of weakness can have a detrimental affect on the very core of what and who we are and what we do. Maintain discipline throughout your D-VI journey. It is critical to your success.