Little explanation needed here. Our goal in this program is to “Detach” our physical self from most if not all of those negative thoughts and doubts that hinder our progression in getting into the best shape of our lives. It’s not going to be easy but it can be done.  There’s no room for “Doubt”. Once doubt sets in we begin to question our capabilities and also question our actions. Can I really do this? Am I just wasting my time? It’s been a week and still nothing, am I doing something wrong? Am I not doing enough? Detach yourself from all of these negative thoughts. 

Transition and signs of such detachment comes in a variety of forms. But when it happens, you’ll definitely take notice to it. When you notice you’ve moved a notch or two down on your belt. When you start feeling firmness in areas normally flabby or soft. When you step out of the shower, and look in the mirror and start to see definition in areas you never thought possible. When you get out of bed, and you feel lighter than you ever have. These are all clear cut signs of the early stages of detachment.