The reason why a lot of fitness programs fail aren’t because they don’t work. Often they fail because of the mentality we have going into the regimen. Remaining dedicated is the key in this sense. Yes, there are going to be times where we feel too tired to workout, or too busy to go to the gym, or look for reasons not to do what’s needed of us to accomplish our goals. There comes a point where we must realize that getting in shape is more mental than it is physical.

Some may say, "Well that doesn’t make sense... my mind is not going to allow me to lift those 200lbs to get those firm pectorals" Many may say "What way does my mind make it any easier for me to curl those 40lbs to get the biceps of my dreams?" That’s not the attitude to have if you’re looking to make a commitment to a fitness program. Think about it, the human mind can still exist without the ability to physically move. But without the mind, the body is nothing. 

Without the thought that we can overcome the physical trials we face that “Deter” or hinder our goals, we will always fall victim to our own doubts. It’s like getting out of bed in the morning. There are times where we don’t want to get out of bed and go off to work, but we do, because it’s something we have to do in order to make a living. Often, when we do get up and work those long hours and cash our checks weekly or biweekly to enjoy the monetary fruits of our labor, we get a feeling of accomplishment and independence matched by no other. The same thought process should be applied to a successful workout regimen.

Face it, who really want to workout on a regular basis. No one, but we do desire the results. But it would be foolish for us to believe we can achieve said results without hard work, just like it would be foolish for us to believe that we can make a living without working hard. This isn’t a miracle product that’s going to provide you with a quick and fast fix and require that you do little if any work. If you think that’s what D-VI Fitness is about, then I suggest you quit reading any further and seek another program. However, if you do believe in hard work and doing what it takes to achieve your desires, then please, by all means continue exploring all this site has to offer