The reality of the situation is that many of us have been there. We dedicate time, money and patience to diets, fitness tapes, personal trainers, cookie cutter workout regimens, pills that promise success. So you may be thinking, well what’s the difference between all of those products and D-VI Fitness? As with many things, you won't know until you try it. Not only that, but D-VI Fitness utilizes the same workouts that you can find in many of the fitness videos on the market.

Well then you may think, well if all of these items are on the market, then what’s stopping me from just learning what they are and just doing it on my own? Answer is there’s nothing stopping you. However, it is important to note that while someone may have the tools to get a job done, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they know how to use them. And while I, the founder and creator of this program, am no certified personal trainer, I know the tools needed and also how to use them.

Something also important to note is that at this point in time, while I sit here in this small hotel room writing the specs on this website, D-VI Fitness is no longer a theory. It's proven itself for me on several occassions.

Now you need to make the decision. Don't be in denial and tell yourself it's okay to be obese and not live a healthy lifestyle. If that's truly how you felt, you wouldn't be on this website. As you continue to explore this website and learn more about this program in an effort to determine if this is for you. Follow my JD Fitquest results and testimonials. While I believe that we all have our differences as people, I also believe that if D-VI Fitness can work for me, then it can work for you. But the decision is yours to make.