About Us

D-VI Fitness was discovered by founder Julian K. Drummond in 2006 after finally having won the battle against obesity. It was this year that Julian decided to document the process and techniques he used to losing approximately 74lbs in a just a little over four months.

Since then Julian has spent several years perfecting his techniques with the hopes of someday sharing his revolutionary work out regimen with the world. That day has now come and the D-VI Revolution is finally here. Thanks to the World Wide Web Julian has not only created a site to share and demonstrate his D-VI fitness regimen, he's also created a site to:

  • Provide individuals interested in getting in shape a forum to discuss their desires with others and directly with founder Julian K. Drummond and the D-VI Fitness Team
  • Serve as a "Virtual Oasis" for the latest trends and practices with regards to fitness and health.
  • Expose it's registered users to a workout plan tailored specifically for individuals that or considerably overweight, but at the same time, designed to also accommodate those individuals considered to be in peak condition.